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Your Home

In many cases, an elderly person's main asset is the home they live in. Where there is a risk that the property will pass to family members who are disabled or perhaps financially vulnerable, or that when you pass your home to a family member, they may become liable under Inheritance Tax laws on their death, then it is possible to ameliorate the potential issues with the use of a suitable Trust included in your Will.

Protecting your Home.

Many schemes, including giving your house away to your children are dangerous and, depending on the circumstances, unlikely to work.

For instance, should the survivor of a couple remarry then you can be sure that your share of the house will pass to your beneficiaries and not to the survivor's new spouse.

Importantly, if the surviving partner attracts any debts or other commitments you can be sure that your share of the house is protected for your beneficiaries and cannot be used to settle such debts.

There are sound solutions available to protect your house from these possible problems. Please make contact with our Senior Consultant, Mike Humpherson for further guidance.

In Summary

To find out more about incorporating such a protective Trust into your Wills, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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