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Having taken the important step of producing a valid Will, you may be wondering where you should keep this important document, and how it will be found by your Executors when needed.

Unlike some countries, the UK does not offer an official Will register for recording the existence of residents Wills. Wills, Powers of Attorney, and associated documents need to be kept safe. If at the date of your death your original Will cannot be found then there is a presumption of law that you destroyed the Will prior to your death!

"Don't put your Will at risk"

Your Will should never be kept at home. Exposing your Will to the possibility of fire, flooding, theft, intermeddling or destruction by fair means or foul could prove disastrous.

So Where Should I keep My Will?

In answer to our client's questions Goodwills Legal Services Ltd have provided a wholly effective solution to the safe storage of your Will. In our storage facility at our headquarters, we store thousands of our clients Wills and associated documents under secure, fire proof conditions, which are fully insured against disaster.

How Can I Make Changes to my Will?

Goodwills Legal Services Ltd offer not only safe document storage but also a private and confidential Will update service which allows you to change your Will at any time. This Will update service means that at your death your Will should reflect your current circumstances. The benefit to you is that your Will is not years out of date as is often the case.

How Will My Executors Know Where My Will Is?

Upon receipt of your signed Will, Goodwills Legal Services Ltd will send you a Certificate of Safe Storage displaying your details and a unique storage reference number. We ask you to give this Certificate to your Executors or to provide them with a copy. This will ensure that your Executors are aware of the location of your Will and how to obtain it upon your death.

For your security, we will not release your Will to your Executor unless we have proof of your death through the provision of your death certificate.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

The annual fee for Goodwills Sentinel is £32 for a Single Will and £42 for Mirror Wills, these fees are fixed for the duration of your life and will never increase. This relatively small investment gives you the peace of mind that your Will is safe, available to your Executors upon your death and can be keep up to date throughout your life. These fees include the storage of other documents such as Powers of Attorney and Title Deeds to your property.

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    Jim Goddard, a former training and support officer for the Willwriters Association and the Association of Lawyers and Legal Advisers began Complete Wills Ltd which became Goodwills Ltd, when it expanded its operational area to include Southern England. Jim was responsible for training the Goodwills team of Consultants in the early days of the organisation. Now all our Consultants are trained by our legal team at headquarters.


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