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In your Will you will nominate your Executors, those people who carry out your wishes, and take your Will through the legal Probate process.

Typically your Executors will be a spouse, children, or other family or close friends.

If your Executors need advice on how to carry out the Probate tasks, then they can contact Goodwills Legal Services Ltd for that advice. If they do not need advice then they do not have to contact us. If they call for advice, it is just a phone call, there are no costs involved for the advice.

In fact, your local Consultant will suggest that you pass one of his business cards to the Executors so that the Executors have contact details available.

However, sometimes, due to the personal situation at a very difficult time the Executors prefer to have the probate carried out on their behalf.

Goodwills Legal Services Ltd offers a Probate service, again only if required, and again our professional fees are significantly lower than typical.

For further guidance, please contact your local Consultant.

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    Jim Goddard, a former training and support officer for the Willwriters Association and the Association of Lawyers and Legal Advisers began Complete Wills Ltd which became Goodwills Ltd, when it expanded its operational area to include Southern England. Jim was responsible for training the Goodwills team of Consultants in the early days of the organisation. Now all our Consultants are trained by our legal team at headquarters.


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