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Many people wish to make their own funeral arrangements during life so that this onerous task does not fall upon the family at the most difficult of times.

Goodwills Legal Services Ltd operates on behalf of Dignity Ltd., one of the largest pre-paid funeral plan organisations in England. There are some 1200 funeral directors taking part in the structure, provided burials or cremations anywhere in England.

By buying your funeral ahead of time, you are not only simplifying the family situation, you are also taking advantage of buying at current pricing. The funds are administered in the 'National Funeral Trust' so that the full fees are paid to the funeral directors when they carry out the funeral.

Dignity and their chosen funeral directors provide an excellent, extremely professional service at a difficult time.

Ask your local Consultant for further details.

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    Jim Goddard, a former training and support officer for the Willwriters Association and the Association of Lawyers and Legal Advisers began Complete Wills Ltd which became Goodwills Ltd, when it expanded its operational area to include Southern England. Jim was responsible for training the Goodwills team of Consultants in the early days of the organisation. Now all our Consultants are trained by our legal team at headquarters.


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